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...and when my lack of education hasn't hurt me none, I can read the writing on the wall

Rant the first: Starbucks.

For chickadilly:

Starbucks. I hate it. I know, I know, you're thinking, oh, there she goes with her whole bleeding heart treehugging liberal Give Peace A Chance politics again, talking about how it's not Organic and oh, teh hormones in teh cream and that they're TAKING OVER TEH WORLD. But no. It's not just that I hate that they're the Wal-Mart of Coffee (actually, they're more like the love child of the $harper Image of Coffee and the Wal-Mart of Coffee), it's also the fact that people troop like lemmings over to their local Starbucks franchise and schlurp up lattes and cappuccinos and caramel macchiatos despite the fact that THEIR COFFEE SUCKS!

Now, I'm not a coffemaking expert--I don't even make my own coffee. But. Starbucks coffee tastes like someone made strong coffee and then went to the loo and while he was gone and said, "oh, I'll make the coffee!" and then added MORE ground coffee to the already too-strong mix in the filter. It tastes like coffee made by a crazed coffee-obsessed lunatic. And then of course, they cater to the Yuppies who think they're Hippies, providing Sugar in the Raw (which is almost as refined as white sugar) so that all the lawyers and accountants can sit around and pretend that they're Gandhi while they inhale hits of pure liquid caffeine that tastes like...well, it tastes like Starbucks coffee, which tastes worse than something I'd scrape off my shoes. Bleh.

Give me Dunkin Donuts anyday, despite the fact that they've corrupted the spelling of "doughnut" (as patchfire so astutely pointed out), and they are forced to ask me if I would like to Try A Latte, and do so in such a sullen voice that I wouldn't Try one if Lattes were the last liquid on earth. They're still better than Starbucks, because their coffee is actually drinkable.

ETA: c'mon, guys. Gimme a rant!</i>
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