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why ask why for by the by-and-by all mysteries are just more needles in the camel's eye

Thank all of you for the lovely thoughts and comments about losing my dog. I'm feeling a lot better about it, and a lot better about my decision. I think she'd have wanted it. *hugs you all*

In happier news, I finally figured out how to make a new layout for my LJ, thanks to reading the responses cluegirl got from asking the same question. I'd still like to tweak the colours a bit (I'd like the blues to be darker), but it looks acceptable for now. Any suggestions?

In annoying wtf?! news, it looks like I'll have no water for a while. Apparently the landlord didn't pay the bill, and the water guy was here saying he'd be turning off the water. My neighbour called the manager, who said tell the water guy to call him. Well. We can't find the water guy. *sigh* I'm not having a good week. I have washed dishes, taken a shower, filled the cat waterer, filled the Britta filter pitcher, and filled the sink and tub with water. Bleh.

I did get the layout done. though, at least to this point. It's a writing theme because darnit, I want to start writing, soon! Tonight I hope I hope.
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