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DT: come reap

so she turned to whorin' out on the streets, with all the lust inside her

Posted on 2005.19.02 at 16:11
How I feel about it all: grumpygrumpy
Soundtrack: Nanci Griffith and Arlo Guthrie - Tecumseh Valley
I'm making progress with cleaning my room (peacey says I sound like a 14-year old when I say I have to clean my room. *g*). However, since I have to pull all the boxes/bags/dirty laundry/old cat barf out of there first, my living room now looks like the inside of my worst nightmare.

I also stepped on a glass fragment from when I broke a mirror a while back, and I have consumed a total of three chocolate chips today.

I'm thinking I'll sleep in Hannah's room tonight and let the big pile on my bed stay there. And oh, I guess I won't be hosting company here anytime soon.

*sigh* I hate cleaning.

Soooo....send me some music to clean by? 'Preciate it.

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