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Saw TTT again. Liked it even more. Yep, I'm all over the Faramir thing. It works fine in the movie arc, and I'll stop my bitching about it. I even liked the Arwen stuff. And *sigh* Aragorn...and Pippin...and Saaaam.

Oh, and Haldir....Haldir...


a. How old were you? 13
b. Where did it happen? Maybe at my house?
c. When did it happen? At a party, I think.
d. Who initiated the kiss? He did.
e. Was there a second kiss with that same person later? Yes.


a. Ever dated anyone who's on your LJ? No.
b. Would you consider dating anyone on your LJ Friends list? I think there's only one straight guy on it, and I don't know him much.
c. Have you kissed anyone on your LJ Friends list? I hugged way2 or moonstruck4rjl


a. What were the circumstances of the best kiss you ever shared with anyone? At a Drama Club afterparty in High School. I was 16, I think. Lovely kisser was this guy. I pined after him for years until I found out he was gay. Then I still pined.

b. Briefly describe the best date you ever had - Spent time talking and snogging on a rocky seacoast.

c. What's the longest dating relationship you ever had? A long time, lost count.
d. What's the most romantic gift you ever gave anyone you were dating? A black pendant with a mother-of-pearl-y dove on it.


a. What were the circumstances of the worst kiss you ever shared? After a date this year with a guy who looked like a Snood and kissed like a flobberworm
b. Have you ever done something stupid that caused a relationship to end? I don't think so.


a. What's the most romantic season? Summer, for all those beach walks

b. What's your favorite romantic movie? Harold and Maude, or Moulin Rouge
c. Who is the best leading man in romantic movies? Ewan McGregor. He's good at everything
d. Who is the best leading woman in romance movies? Katherine Hepburn.
e. Who is the most romantic TV couple? Mulder and Krycek Scully.
f. What's your favorite romantic song? Could it Be Magic by Barry Manilow (really!)
g. If you could take a boy/girlfriend to any country in the world for a weekend of romance, what country would you choose? Ireland.

I see: My windglass, computer, picture of DV Rhysenn.
I want: Contentment.
I have: Finally given my last relationship closure.
I wish: I had more energy.
I love: Walking in a brisk wind.
I hate: The fact that the US is probably going to war
I miss: my 60s CD that Jamie stole from me
I fear: See "I hate".
I feel: lethargic
I hear: The Powerpuff Girls on Telly.
I smell: Air.
I crave: Chocolate, champagne and UL10.
I wonder: why my nursing board paperwork hasn't shown up
I regret: Selling my house.


Smiled? When I remembered I'm getting a new PC
Laughed? Sometime during TTT.
Cried? Today while driving and listening to MacArthur Park.
Bought something? When I bought wine this evening.
Danced? God, I dunno. Last year?
Were sarcastic? What time is it?.
Kissed someone? Haven't Snogged since, oh, January. Kissed my daughter on the cheek today, I think.
Watched your favorite movie? Well, I saw TTT today.
Had a nightmare? Well, I had a disturbing dream today, but it wasn't really a nightmare.


Last book you read: I'm almost finished "The Golden Compass."
Last movie you saw: TTT (today!)
Last song you heard: Don't remember.
Last thing you had to drink: Half glass of wine.
Last time you showered took a bath: Shower this morning.
Last thing you ate: Taco bell stuff.


Smoke? Not anymore. I did ages ago.
Drink? Just wine.
Sleep with stuffed animals? Yes, and real animals too (my cat)
Live in the moment? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes, I dream of my old neighborhood.
Play an instrument? A little guitar.
Believe there's life on other planets? Yes, but not in this solar system.
Remember your first love? Yes.
Read the newspaper? sometimes, I'd rather listen to NPR.
Have any gay or lesbian friends? Yes.
Believe in miracles? Yes.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Absolutely.
Consider yourself tolerant of others? Mostly.
Consider love a mistake? Depends on the circumstances.
Like the taste of alcohol? Depends on what kind.
Have a favorite candy? Right now, it's Violet Crumble, thanks to rhiannon333
Have any secrets? Yes.
Have any pets? Yes, three cats, a dog, and a fish.


Do well in school? Sucked in H.S., did ok in college.
Go to or plan to go to college? Graduated last year.
Talk to strangers who instant message you? Sometimes.
Wear hats? YEs, I love 'em.
Have any piercings? Just ears.
Have any tattoos? Yes.
Hate yourself? Sometimes.
Collect anything? Buttons (the kind that say stuff)
Have a best friend? Yes.
Like your handwriting? Basically.
Have any bad habits? Nailbiting, not exercising.

-- The shoes you wore today? My ancient Birkenstocks
-- Your hair? Reddish, short.
-- Your eyes? Malfoy grey.
-- Your weakness? Short guys.
-- Your fears? Too many to name.
-- Your perfect pizza? Garlic Lover's
-- One thing you'd like to achieve? Lose 30 pounds.

What is

-- Your most overused phrase on aol\aim? *sigh*
-- Your thoughts first waking up this morning? I've really gotta get a better bed.
-- The first feature you notice in the opposite sex? Eyes, then mouth
-- The best Name for a Butler? Definitely Geeves.
-- Your best physical feature? My eyes.
-- Your bedtime? Either very early or very late.
-- Your greatest accomplishment? My kids.
-- Your most missed memory? The summer I was eleven.

You prefer

-- Pepsi or coke? Diet coke.
-- McDonald's or Burger King? Taco Bell.
-- Single or group dates? Single
-- Adidas or Nike? Birkenstock
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea? Red Zinger
-- Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
-- Cappuccino or coffee? Coffee, but I'll do Cappucino sometimes
-- Boxers or briefs? Boxers

Do you

-- Cuss? Yep.
-- Sing well? Actually, not bad.
-- Take a shower everyday? mostly
-- Do you think you've been in love? yes
-- Want to go to college? already did
-- Like(d) high school? Yes, for all the wrong reasons
-- Want to get married? Been there, done that.
-- Type with your fingers on the right keys? Yes, except the numbers.
-- Believe in yourself? No
-- Get motion sickness? no, but mum does
-- Think you're attractive? I could be if I took better care of myself
-- Think you're a health freak? No.
-- Get along with your parents? My mom and I love each other, but we don't always get along
-- Like thunderstorms? Yes.

In the past month, did/have you

-- Drank alcohol? yes
-- Smoke(d)? no
-- Done a drug? no
-- Had Sex? no
-- Made Out? no
-- Go on a date? no
-- Go to the mall? Yes
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos? no
-- Eaten sushi? no
-- Been on stage? no
-- Been dumped? no
-- Gone skating? no
-- Made homemade cookies? Brownies.
-- Gone skinny dipping? no
-- Dyed your hair? Yes.
-- Stolen anything? no

</b>Have you ever</b>

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing? Probably
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated? yes
-- Been caught "doing something"? No
-- Been called a tease? Dunno
-- Gotten beaten up? Almost.
-- Shoplifted? Yes, when I was a kid.
-- Changed who you were to fit in? Nope.

</b>The future</b>

-- Age you hope to be married by? Been there done that.
-- Numbers and Names of Children? I already have four. If I had another, a boy name would be Seamus or Donal and a girl name would be Niamh.
-- Describe your Dream Wedding? I'd do the pagan thing.
-- How do you want to die? In my sleep at an advanced age.
-- Where you want to go to college? If I could do it again? Brattleboro's College of Healing Arts and Sciences, if it's still running.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, I should say a nurse, but my dream occupation is choral singer or DJ.
-- What countries would you most like to visit? Ireland, Scotland, England, Oz, NZ.

{x} Current Clothes? Gray cableknit sweater, long red, gray and black skirt, socks, Birkenstocks. Hippiechick clothes.
{x} Current Mood? discontent.
{x} Current Taste? Freixenet, but I'd really like some water.
{x} Current Annoyance? Unemployment.
{x} Current thing you ought to be doing? Sleeping..I'm tired.
{x} Current Desktop Picture? Michael J. Fox and Babylij from BTTF2
{x} Current Book? Ploughing through His Dark Materials and loving it.
{x} Current DVD In Player? DVD player is broken-ass.
{x} Current Refreshment? Champagne
{x} Current Worry? That I probably still need a hysterectomy. Oh, and impending War.
{x} Current Crush? Miranda Otto, Billeh Boyd.
{x} Current Favorite Celebrity? EwanEwanEwan, always Ewan.

Oh, and HOT DAMN! My kid says new PC will cost $500 bucks, and have gigs of stuff. Whee!
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