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did you blow me a kiss, or was that just a hiss? when I hang up will you grieve?

Restaurant meme from songdog:

* How often do you dine out? More than I should, less than I used to. Unless it involves Sushi. In that case, yes, yes, alla time.

* Best city for dining out and why: I like Boston, and I like Providence. Washington, DC is good.

* Most you've ever spent on yourself at a restaurant: $40 or so

* A restaurant you've never been to but would love to try: The Three Broomsticks. Er. Oh, wait. That's fictional. Hmm...Nordic Lodge.

* Any restaurants you *refuse* to eat at and why: It used to be Cracker Barrel, but since it has apparently stopped its homophobic policies, I'll eat there. So I guess, no, there's nowhere I won't eat.

* Worst restaurant(s) you've ever eaten at: I really don't know.

* Best place for Chinese, ever: Seven Moons in N. Kingstown, RI. Best place for Asian, period.

* Have you ever eaten outside the U.S.? If so, what country/restaurant/foods? Yes. And OMG Italy. You think you know Pizza? You don't, until you've tasted it in Italy. It's nothing like our boring version.

* If you can, recommend a restaurant for someone who's never tried Thai, Indian, or Mediterranean: I like Kabob and Curry, on Thayer St, in Providence's East Side.

* Favorite restaurant/bar to get alcohol: The Manisses Restaurant, on Block Island in RI, is my favourite because it has Flaming Coffees! You have to experience them to know what they're like. Mmmmm.

* Favorite breakfast restaurant/diner: Crazy Burger. No contest.

* If you could open a restaurant, what would you serve? Organic vegetarian/vegan. Why yes, I am a crunchy hippiechick.

* Restaurants you find to be overrated: The Coast Guard House. It's good, but it's not worth all the hype or the prices. I know, I used to work there.

* Name & location of your favorite restaurant(s): See above for Crazy Burger and Seven Moons.

* Favorite Pizza place: West Main Pizza Laws, yes. M-O-O-N, that spells pizza.

* Favorite fast food restaurant(s): Read this. There is no good fast food restaurant.
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