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DT: come reap

use all your well-learned politics or I'll lay your soul to waste

Posted on 2005.08.03 at 12:01
How I feel about it all: apatheticapathetic
Soundtrack: Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
Would someone PLEASE explain to me the draw of Vin Diesel? He's big and dumb and brutish and IMO, has all the acting talent of a can of soup.

I just don't get it. At. All. Seriously, the guy turns my stomach.

Bleh, work later. And it's raining.


unanon at 2005-03-08 17:19 (UTC) ()
I can...er...peripherally explain my personal fannish attachment. I'm not drawn to Vin Diesel actually...or any of his roles apart from the Riddick character in Pitch Black (they took the character in a direction I didn't really like in the 'Chronicles of Riddick' sequel).

My involvment in the Pitch Black fandom was my first fannish de-lurking. I wrote ficlets about secondary characters and timidly entered into discussion with people in the fandom whom I didn't know were BNFs. By and large they were very kind and welcoming, but I still chickened out of the fandom pretty fast. I still lurk, but only about twice a year.

As for the Vin/Riddick lure, I can only say that it was a combination of two factors:
1) Riddick = Wolverine. Really. It's all about my horrible weakness for badass, brutal characters whose candy core is exposed by forced interaction with juvenile female characters.
2) I'm a sucker for creepy bass voices. Woe.

But the all-encompasing Vin love seen on sites like Art of Vin Diesel....um...not so much.

Were you seriously looking for an answer here?
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-03-08 17:55 (UTC) ()
Yeah. I reall would like to know why people like him. I get OMGtehMuscles! when I ask people. I can't even stand to look at the guy, no matter WHAT film he's in. So I was wondering why, is all. *shrugs*
dejaspirit at 2005-03-08 18:10 (UTC) ()
Wow, that's a pretty harsh judgement. He's not bad. He's actually a bit of geek.

Not to mention that he's my third cousin. (Unfortunately, on his father's side)
dejaspirit at 2005-03-08 18:27 (UTC) ()
And...I'm not really a huge fan either, to be honest. But he's a cutie. And I don't know him/never met him/etc. so don't feel bad about slamming him. :P
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-03-08 18:58 (UTC) ()
I'm not slamming him personally; he might be a very nice guy. I just don't get all the fangirly drooling.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-03-08 19:00 (UTC) ()
It's just his looks, not his personality, which I don't even know anything about. I didn't mean it personally, he's just, I dunno, a build like that turns me right off. And I don't like his acting.
Non-Recovering WoW Addict
heinous_bitca at 2005-03-08 18:53 (UTC) ()
He is a gamer geek! Therefore, he will always and forever have my love.

He had a tattoo of the name of his D&D character on his arm for XXX.

And I just like him. Can't explain it. Have loved him since Pitch Black. And when I found out he did the voice of the Iron Giant in the movie Iron Giant, it just secured my adoration.

I want to see The Pacifier.
Really Sunny
willysunny at 2005-03-08 19:48 (UTC) ()
I don't get him. I don't like him. I'm sure he's a really nice guy, but yuck. He's not my cup-o-tea. And my husband, the king of crappy-action-male-testosterone movies, doesn't like him either.
jlm1779 at 2005-03-08 20:19 (UTC) ()
Thank you!
jlm1779 at 2005-03-08 20:20 (UTC) ()
But, I do like Eric Bana. YUMMO!
my life's so common it disappears
songdog at 2005-03-08 21:16 (UTC) ()
I'd heard the name, but had no face to put to it. Upon Googling, my thoughts:

1)He's bald. *shrugs*
2)Not icky-ugly or anything. Not my cup o' tea, though...
3)I would absolutely not want to see any of his movies, except maybe "Saving Private Ryan", which I would only probably not want to see.

I save my visceral anti fangirly feelings for Mel Gibson, who I think is very icky, unattractive, and after what I heard discussed online and on the radio about his recent Jesus slash n' torture, I don't think I'd really enjoy his company, either. I did see him in the movie "What Women Want", and was not repulsed by him or the movie. It was...eh.
robinhoo at 2005-03-09 02:17 (UTC) ()
As of about a week and a half ago, I'd've been right there with you in the stomach-turnage. But since he's been promoting that stupid movie The Pacifier, I've seen him doing the talk-show circuit, and he's actually kinda lovable. As someone pointed out above, he's actually a big ol' geek. While I think he's the anti-sexy (I can't stand ripped/muscular guys, it's just a personal rule, ick), and I still certainly don't think he's exactly Harvard material, he's got a cute dorkity streak that has knocked the edge off my Vin-nausea. I still wouldn't voluntarily see any of his movies, but as a human being, he no longer repulses me. I could have a cup of coffee with the guy, anyway.
stormwynd at 2005-03-09 03:16 (UTC) ()
The guy's a gamer, which gets him mega brownie points in my book. The bald muscle look isn't my thing personally, but he pulls it off well. The fact that he can't act his way out of paper bag never stopped Arnold or Sly, so why should it stop him?
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-03-11 01:49 (UTC) ()
The fact that he's a gamer has brought him up many, many points in my book (though I'm not a gamer myself). I still am turned completely off by his looks, though.

Gimme Ewan any day. If he happens to be hiding at your house, that is. *g*
stormwynd at 2005-03-11 06:20 (UTC) ()
*looks around*

Ewan, are you here?

*listens to sound of crickets chirping*

Hmm, he must have stepped out for a moment. :-)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-03-11 14:52 (UTC) ()
peacey at 2005-03-09 11:22 (UTC) ()
Your question is why he gets "fangirly" attention? I would guess because he's more or less an alpha male phsically. Some women go for that. Probably goes back to something from the cave man days and picking a mate based on how likely the genes would insure a strong child. Honestly, I typically go for that kind of guy (my hubby is one, to be sure). But I don't get Vin either. He definitely doesn't do it for me. Just the opposite, actually. His acting ability is zilch and he's picked some really baaaaaad movies. My hubby likes him though and forced me to see "The Chronicles of Riddick" and it truly is one of the worst movies I have EVER seen. Not all Vin's fault, but still..... there are a lot of alpha males out there to chose from so I guess I don't get it either.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-03-11 01:51 (UTC) ()
Hmm, alpha males. I put Nick Lea in that category, yes, indeed.
peacey at 2005-03-11 10:58 (UTC) ()
Ooooh yeah, me too. But he's not physically alpha. In his case it's all about the attitude, baby.

When it comes to his most well-known character, it's funny because you'd think he was totally alpha, but I don't see him that way. I've always associated a tinge of desperation to Alex. After the powers that be tried to kill him, he was sentenced to a life of clandestine hide & seek and eventually he became smarter than the powers that be. He would tease them with the havoc he could wreak if he chose to & kept them close by coming back to the fold so he could destroy from within. So yeah, he has a lot of alpha characteristics, but for me, the air of desperation that follows him around keeps me from saying he's alpha.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-03-11 14:54 (UTC) ()
Hmm. I dunno if I see Alex as Alpha, either. I think that Nick in general is, though. Alex is desperate. It's one of the reasons why I love him so. :)
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