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too many people on the bus from the airport; too many holes in the crust of the earth

Woah. Internet Kiosk at Logan Airport, whee! Of course, they give you a trackpad instead of a mouse so they can eat up the five bucks you plunked down for twenty minutes of time. Then there's that clock in the corner of the tiny, tiny monitor that makes you say OMGOMGRUNNINGOUTTATIME as it counts down the minutes. But still it's internet access, and a geek like me canna resist.

So, hello from Logan Airport, you guys. My plane doesn't leave until 11:28 and it's *checks* something like nine-forty now. So much for getting here early. I have a book, though, for when the counter runs out. Charles de Lint's The Little Country, in case anyone cares. Or even if you don't. :)

Oh, and there's an ad for XM radio with a picture of Elton on it (appropriately saying that selections from Peachtree Road will be played on the plane) at the gate. Am v. amused. I will most likely take a picture, because I am just that geeky. *geeks out*
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