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Down among the reeds and rushes, a baby boy was found

Never been lonely, never been lied to,
never had to scuffle in fear, nothing denied to;
born at the instant church bells chime;
the whole world whispers, "born at the right time"

Welcome, Jacob Sirius! Congratulations to my patchfire and her family. *hugs*

He's just the cutest little guy. *tears up* And born at home, how much better of a deal can a baby get? I want one, wah!

Oh, and next time I pray for a birth, maybe I ought not to pray to the Norse gods. I expected Odin, and I got Thor. Jacob's birthday began with a kickass thunderstorm that got the county sirens going off, complete with a Tornado watch in a nearby county. All hail Thor, d00ds.

Oh, and #2: Partly due to being part of a birth done up right, but mostly because of advice and counsel from the wonderful midwife patchfire found, I've decided *drumroll* to finally go for what I've wanted to be since I was five years old. I've ordered the admissions packet from here. We shall see how things go.

BSN, schmeeSN. CPM, baybee.
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