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patchfire and family are out at the pediatrician's for ickle boo's first doc visit. It's very quiet here.

I'm coming home tomorrow. It better not be snowing, d00ds. I'm sure I'll have a pile of mail waiting for me...mostly bills. And my Hannah will get to finally read that BIG ENVELOPE from Syracuse University, whee! And just maybe, my admissions info packet from NMI will have arrived.

Also, yeah. It's Sir Elton's birthday. Go forth and donate. I will do this as soon as I stick my paycheck in the bank on Monday. :)

zeus55says it's also Greek Independence Day (from the Turks!). Go forth and eat baklava and spanikopitas.

And, oh, geez. According to the BBC it's Good Friday. I actually forgot this. If you celebrate, well, I can't exactly say happy Good Friday, because it's not a happy holiday. But I hope your experience is lovely and spiritual. I'm not a Catholic (or even a Christian), but the High Holy Days of the Church have some of the most beautiful rituals I know of. Blessed Holy Week, all.

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