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The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands

Well. Yesterday was a long day. Plane ride was fine, I found my bus connection and all, and zeuss55 met me at the bus station. Drive home, fine also, car intact. However, when I got home I had only a few hours before I had to pick up mr_t00by at Rock 'n Bowl. Not only that, but I had to take one of his friends to Jamestown and the other to West Warwick. I live in East Greenwich, so I was almost all over the state (yeah, it's a small state. What of it?). Then I got home and there was much noise from various neighbours and people outside. I didn't really get to sleep until oh, 1:30 or so. Five minutes later Hannah calls to tell me she was back at her Dad's from St. Barts. Good to know, but bleh. Not much with the sleep. All was not lost, however. I managed to sneak Nime Chow in before picking up my Lit-tle One (as patchfire's G calls mr_t00by despite the fact that said Lit-tle One is taller than me).

Went to Block Island this morning, had a lovely Easter dinner with my Mom and my Linda at Linda's house (with her husband and lovely Renee). Mmmm, roasted sweet potatoes. Soon I will go to bed, as I have to drive mr_t00by back to school, and have to get up at around 5 AM. The good news is that I get to deposit my paycheck tomorrow so I can actually pay my rent!

It's warmer here than I expected, but not so warm as it is at patchfire's house. Still, at least there's no snow on the ground. There is in New Hampshire, though, so I'll have to look at it at least one more time. Geh.

I was going to post the results of the New!Religion meme, but I closed the darn window. *sigh* It says I'm closest to Buddhist and farthest away from atheist. Hmm. I've always thought that if I had to pick a religion that fit closest to my moral compass (besides my beloved UU), it'd be Buddhist. I'd have to do things like not eat fish, though, and hmm. Don't know if I'm up to that. *sticks with UU for the time being*

ETA: Despite not posting a poll, I'm now reading Kindred by Octavia Butler. Wonderful so far. The Hugo and Nebula should have given me my first clue. *g*
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