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you can never know what it's like; your blood like winter freezes just like ice

The short list for the Hugo Awards is up. I've read two of the nominations for best novel, China Mieville's Iron Council, which I liked, although not as much as the first two books in the New Crobuzon series, and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, which I found out is pronounced NORrell, not NorRell (thank you for the clarification, Mr. Gaiman. *g*), and which I absolutely adore, although it is a bit slow at the beginning. It's worth the beginning slowness for the wonderful stuff that comes later. I'm going to try to read the other two nominees before the Hugos, so I can decide which I like best (because that matters to the world ohsomuch).

I've seen THREE of the nominated movies! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Spider-Man 2. I hope one of them wins...they're all good, although my heart belongs to PoA and my OMGTHISISSOCOOL brain belongs to Eternal Sunshine.

Of course, I haven't seen ANY of the telly stuff nominated, and I probably won't. Mneh. I'm just not into TV these days.

Fellow RI'er Bob Eggleton has been nominated again for Best Artist. He usually trades the Hugo back and forth with Michael Whalen, who isn't up for a Hugo this year--I think he's deliberately taken himself out of the running, since he's won so often, but OMG, his work on The Dark Tower deserves to win something.

Good slate of stuff this year. And Worldcon's in Glasgow!!! I wish I could go, alas. Last year was just. It was just. Yeah. On about a hundred-fifty levels. I SO wish I could go this year, but WHEE! I'm going to The Witching Hour, and I wouldn't miss that for anything. :)
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