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ora pro nobis pecatoribus, nunc et in hora mortis; in hora mortis nostrae

Ironically, the week has brought us two deaths among many--one tragic, made a media circus no matter which 'side' you were on, of a woman who became a pawn in a political game, who was not allowed to die in peace. The other, of a world leader at peace with himself, with his God, with his Church, and with his death, and a people of faith who calmly and lovingly bore him on to his God with their prayers and songs.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Schiavo. May you find in death the peace denied you in life. None of this was your fault. It wasn't mine, either, but I'm sorry anyway.

Rest in Peace, Karol Wojtyla. I'm not Catholic, and I disagreed with you on a lot of issues, but I believe you were a good man, and more important, a humble one. There are a lot of people on Earth who would do well to have half the dignity you had. In matters of world peace, you and I saw pretty much eye to eye. Your God may not be my god, but I hope you've gone to Him.

*raises glass high*

I guess I could say a lot more about these two people. I probably will, too, but I don't think now is the right time.

*lights candle* Yeah, it's a real candle. Deal with it.

Andrea Bocelli - Ave Maria (Schubert)

If anyone can send me a copy of Mendelssohn's version, would you? I can't find one anywhere.
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