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DT: come reap

when I get back I will dream in barnes & nobles'

Posted on 2005.12.04 at 10:36


try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-04-12 17:30 (UTC) ()
Whee! Yep, on both counts.

I missed the celebration, but I did get to hear most of the game. And yeah, I was a bit worried about Terry. He's got to be under a bunch of pressure, and that can't be good for him.
The dreamer is still asleep
inspiredlife at 2005-04-12 18:07 (UTC) ()
woo-hoo! I thought I was right about "A Winter's Tale." Now I want to read it again.

I heard most of the celebration as I was stuck in traffic near fenway park for ages. I'm with you about Terry. Hopefully some of the pressure will ease as the season gets underway. But the craziness around the "sox's need to repeat" it can't be pleasant.
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