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you see it's all clear, you were meant to be here...from the beginning

Okay, so apparently John Bolton is having a spot of trouble in his bid to be the Secretary General of the UN.

I don't want him in, myself, for various and obvious reasons, but I think that there may be trouble if he doesn't get in and they've already typed up the stationery and engraved the gold plaque with his name on it for his office door, and maybe even engraved his UN bath towels.

Fortunately, I have a Solution!

Instead of that John Bolton, why not appoint this John Bolton?

It'd solve the name problem, and would be far, far cooler. Who wouldn't want a Secretary General whose most recent profession is drawing things like this:

And OMFGWTF?!?, I just found a misheard lyric in my current music. It's "you were meant to be here", not "you want Man to be here". I have been wrong for thirty-three years. Well, probably not quite that long, since I probably didn't hear the song until a few years later than its release the day after my 11th birthday in 1972. But still, geez.
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