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I like to reggae, but you dance too fast for me

falconcat did a ten-song meme, and so shall I! These are all on my playlist.

Same rules, guess the song, no googling. :)

1. Look out, I think he's kind of weird, he's setting up a bug-zapper barbecue. Patty Larkin - Dave's Holiday (My very own Hannah (who needs a LJ) got this one right!

2. The plan of the house, the body in bed, and the car that got stuck, it's the mud, it's the mud. Art Garfunkel (among others) - Waters of March (geoviki, falconcat)

3. Do you want to be the player, do you want to be the string? Let me tell you something, it just don't mean a thing. Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Still, You Turn Me On (geoviki)

4. And the beauty that I saw in everything, the beauty in everything was in her eyes, like the rising of the sun was in her eyes.

5. And the carpet needs a haircut, and the spotlight looks like a prison break. Tom Waits - The Piano Has been Drinking (falconcat, geoviki)

6. You'll get used to me baby; you just wait and see, lady...

7. A man in the corner approached me for a match--I knew right away he was not ordinary. Bob Dylan - Isis (falconcat)

8. If ever you've got rain in your heart, someone has hurt you apart, am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me?

9. It takes a whole lot of medicine, darlin', for me to pretend that I'm somebody else. Bonnie Raitt - Guilty</a> (geoviki)

10. She's well-acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand like a lizard on a windowpane. Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun (falconcat)

And...the bonus song!

11. Friday night it was late, I was walking you home, we got down to the gate and I was dreaming of the night...Little River Band - Reminiscing (february_sea, nmalfoy).
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