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there was a sign, said "private property" but on the other side it didn't say nothing

Posted on 2005.29.04 at 11:03
How I feel about it all: goodgood
Soundtrack: Ani DiFranco - This Land is Your Land
OMG, I want this!

Also, because my patchfire wanted it (and we always give her what she wants, yes, yes. *g*):

Ani DiFranco - This Land is Your Land. This is the only version I could find with the last verse. Which is fine by me, because I adore Ani. YMMV, 'course.

one bright sunny morning, in the shadow of the steeple
by the relief office, I saw my people,
and they stood there hungry, and I stood there wondering
if this land was made for you and me

That's one version of the last verse...not exactly what's on Arlo.net, but close.

Trivia: This song was written as a response to Irving Berlin's "God Bless America". I wish they'd play it for the seventh-inning stretch at least half the time. :)

Maybe songdog has the original? I have Woody singing it, but not with the last verse.

Oh, and one more thing!

Our anonomous donor is the lovely and generous inspiredlife! Thank you again, so, so much.

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