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the ghost moon sails among the clouds, turns the rifles into silver on the border

As Dave Barry says, I am not making this up:

Yesterday I was at the laundromat, when in walked this woman. She was probably 22 or so, wearing a bright lemon-yellow top (one of those numbers that looked like it came right out of the Summer of Love, complete with spaghetti straps, low-cut bikini style, tunic length, all flowy), tight, tight denim or denim-like capris, metallic silver sandals with heels that were at least four inches high. She had long, bleach-blonde hair pulled back from her face. She also had a Tan (which in this climate in early May has to be from a tanning salon or a holiday in Florida). And to top it all off? Under her arm she carried a Pekinese. Yes, a little yippy dog. She proceeded to complain to the woman who worked at the laundromat that her clothes weren't done on time, in this snooty voice.

My Hannah says I'm just as judgemental as the people I get angry with for being judgemental (and she's probably right), but this woman just screamed Paris Hilton Wannabe (although I wouldn't actually recognise Paris Hilton if I fell over her). When I left the laundromat she was still inside. Parked outside was a Mitsubishi Eclipse, in a colour that is probably called "Blackberry" or something. Convertible, of course. You'd think she could have put the top up and left the dog in the car for the five or six minutes that it would take to complain about her laundry. But no, she was using the dog as a Fashion Statement. In the fecking laundromat.

In other news, someone just turned out of my parking lot with Derek and the Dominos' Layla blaring from their car. Two guys who looked to be under twenty. My heart is happy. :)

In even cooler other news, the UPS guy came to my door today and brought me this!. blondie1026 told me to expect something from all of my kids for Mother's day, but I never expected a television! *dances* Now I can watch my movies again. I heart my kids soverymuch. :) Now I just have to be unlazy enough to take it outta the box. I still feel a sort of icky. But I will do it, oh, yes, I will.

In conclusion, may I say that I want to be Jonathan Strahan liek, so bad?
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