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I asked february_sea to interview me, and here are her (very cool) questions, and my (way too wordy and tangential) answers:

1. You're a New Englander through and through; you joke with Kash about moving down south, but would you ever really move? Anywhere else?

I'm actually not joking, mostly. I love New England, my heart is here. I even love quirky little RI, despite and because of its being slightly off-kilter in the world. There are two reasons I seriously think about leaving: It's damn cold here in the winter, and although I've hated winter for my entire life, every year is getting harder to deal with. The cold is getting right into my bones, and I hate it. Atlanta is much warmer, and it's not as far South as Florida, where I wouldn't dream of moving, because I like a three-season location, not one where there's no appreciable seasonal change. The second reason is cost. If I'm ever going to own my own property again, it won't be in New England, because I simply can't afford it. Metro Atlanta is much, much more affordable.

I also like Atlanta because it's progressive and there's always something going on, and it's got a heck of a lot of history. Having said all that, I'd brave the cold in a heartbeat if I had an opportunity to live in Boston. I'd even live there communally if possible, because I've always thought I'd be comfortable doing something like that.

2. I've eaten meals with you twice; you're very health-conscious and aware of what you're putting into your body. Tell me your favorite fantasy meal, from soup to nuts, including beverages. Calories and nutritional value be damned--what would you indulge in for one splendid meal?

I'm health-conscious to a point--I try to eat organic and low-fat when I can, but I've been known to consume an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in an entire day. Also, I'm something like 25 lbs. overweight, so I'm not doing something right. And stick me at Fenway in front of a ball game and there'll be a hot dog and a beer in my hand, no matter my non-meat-eating tendencies.

My favourite fantasy meal, hmm. I like so many different kinds of food that it's hard to choose. I love fish, and I love Asian food, so I think my favourite meal at the moment is Nime Chow, tuna sashimi, miso soup, and some kind of teryaki seafood. Top it all off with some lovely warm sake, and something deep, dark chocolate, and I'm golden. Oh, and reallyreally good coffee. My comfort food, though, is my mother's mashed potatoes. I also love johnnycakes.

3. Music is SO important to you; do you play an instrument, or sing, and if so, have you ever performed?

I started singing with the Wilmington, Massachusetts All-School Elementary Chorus when I was in third grade, and I really didn't stop singing in school choruses throughout high school. I sang with the Block Island Ecumenical Choir during the years I lived there. I haven't sung much since moving to the RI mainland ten years ago, and I miss it. I don't play an instrument (except a few chords on the guitar), but I own a guitar, a banjo and a fiddle, and I have fantasies about learning all of them. I actually consider listening to music a participatory thing; I can't use music as background, it makes me a little crazy. Turn it up, or turn it off, and fergodssake don't play crap.

4. How did you fall so deeply in love with the Red Sox?

I first started listening to the Sox on the radio when I was six years old, during the 1967 Pennant race. I remember following the games in my six-year old way, not completely understanding, but definitely rooting for the Sox to beat the Cards in the World Series. Of course, they did not, but my fannishness started there and has rolled along nicely since then. Every year I was SURE it was "the year", and every year I muttered "wait 'til next year" with the Faithful. I remember watching game 6 of the 1975 World Series, where Pudge Fisk waved the ball fair and skipped over the bases to win the game. Of course, we lost the Series proper the next day, but woah, what a game. in 2004, after we lost so tragically, I wrote a letter to Babe Ruth, and geh. I was actually teary while I wrote it. I'd been SO sure we'd do it that year. Our win last year was lovely, but didn't make me more of a fan. So I guess I grew gradually, off again, on again. I loved Yaz, Pudge, Fred Lynn, Bill Lee, Nomar, Pedro, Manny, all of 'em. I know it's only a game, but geh. It's so much fun. :)

5. You strike me as being the ultimate Earth Mother (and I mean that as an absolute compliment--you're calm and caring, deeply practical and very holistic in your approach to things). Have you always been that way, or did becoming a mother bring that out?

I wish I could claim to be the ultimate Earth Mother. I'm probably the ultimate Earth Mum wannabe. A little less ADD and I really think I might stand a chance. :/
I think I started really thinking about birth and issues surrounding it when songdog started having her babies. Basically, I started reading about it. When I had my own kids, I guess I just read more. And now, that they're mostly grown, I still read, and what I find out, about organic food, breastfeeding, birth, circumcision, politics, war, kids and television, etc. really freak me out a lot. My mother says I try to be different on purpose, but I don't think I really do. I probably read too much, though. ;) I also blame my patchfire for keeping me posted on what's happening in the birth biz, and also learning and watching mr_t00by grow up with a Waldorf education. I can't recommend this educational style more highly. I've also watched a circumcision (where I wanted to jump in front of the doc and stop him and I hope I never have to hear a baby scream like that again), and watched a woman have a C-section because the doc induced her too early for no medical reason which caused a life-threatening situation, and experienced a high-tech birth personally and hated it, and been part of a wonderful, amazing, gentle homebirth. *cuddles patchfire's ickle J* When you see things firsthand, you form opinions, I guess.

If you want me to interview you, leave a comment and I'll get to it ASAP. Whee!
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