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Am going to bed. Double shifts kill me. willysunny, I have not forgotten you. peacey, you either.

I saw Kingdom of Heaven. Mneh. I'm glad Orli held his own in a mediocre movie. Now let's see him in a good one. I'm not OMGORLISQUEE, but I really want him to succeed.

Last thing, then bed.

Does anyone besides me think it's really, really strange that with all the teaser trailer, hi-res pics, interviews, and other stuff about Goblet of Fire THERE HASN'T BEEN ONE PICTURE OF DRACO? Something fishy is going on. :/ I went to IMDB just to make sure Tom Felton's still in the cast and that somehow Draco hadn't been cut out of the film. He's still there, but geez. Show us, Warner Brothers, fergodssake!

Okay, feed cat and then bed. 'Night.
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