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sunny gets sunnier day by day by day by day

Geh. Yet another reason why I read Neil's blog--He's at least as geeky as I am:

I WANT TO VISIT THESE PLACES LIKE NOW. My odd love for cemeteries is well, odd, but who cares. Apparently I'm in good company, at least.

I mean, geez. Just look at these pictures. They're eery and beautiful and make me all shivery.

In other news, I'm freezing, I have no hot water, I can't find my cell phone OR my digicam, I'm working a double shift tomorrow, and I have to drive to NH to pick up mr_t00by this evening. I'm getting my hair coloured, which is good because my roots are SCARY these days. And Hannah graduates on Sunday, whee!

Also, I have a question for those of you who watch Reality TV: I've been wondering why people watch American Idol, Survivor, The Apprentice, America's Top Model, etc. To me watching something that exploits superficial beauty, greed, backbiting, and bullying is nausea-making. I think it's teaching kids a really bad lesson about what's important in life.

I sound like a pompous ass, I'm sure, but I really wanna know. IMO, this stuff is poison. What's the draw? And, have I asked this before? I sound familiar. *dorky grin*

Also again, is there anyone who knows anything about urban exploration? Y'know, basically sneaking into abandoned/condemned places to take lots of pictures (although I think that some people actually camp out in some of these places). Just curious. *whistles innocently*
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