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..."you must crack this" he says to me "you must go in again; carbon made only wants to be unmade"

Favourite song meme:

Place your six current favourite songs in your journal, and tag others to do the same.

These are indeed my current favourites, because what I listen to changes like the tide, and they'll probably be different tomorrow:

1. Franz Ferdinand - Michael. Such a fun, upeat song. Beautiful boys on a beautiful dance floor. :)

2. Five For Fighting - 100 Years. Midlife crisisy stuff. Makes me all weepy. I love torturing myself, apparently. But really, it's a lovely, and addictive, song.

3. Tori Amos - Carbon. Because I just discovered it last night (have never listened to Scarlet's Walk; must do so) and it's so breathtaking and gorgeous and pretty piano and Tori. I've got it on repeat loop at the moment. songdog will probably like this.

4. Dispatch - The General. The lyrics and the way they jam words into a line. And the message, oh, so good.

5. The Who - Real Good Looking Boy. Because because because. It makes me feel good.

6. Patty Larkin - Dave's Holiday (live). Y'all wouldn't understand. Well, you would if you met my ex-husband, because this song pretty much describes him to a T. His name's even Dave. My kids and I still start whistling when he starts acting Dave-ish. He has no idea why. *giggles* It's a fun song even without the reference, because we all know someone like Dave. The live version is the best, 'cause it has the intro!

And, I'm supposed to tag six people to do this meme:


Tag, you're it!

Now I will go clean, because dammit, I'm not doing anything I don't want to tomorrow.

Oh, and? It's not too late to sponsor me or Isaac (aka mr_t00by) when we walk tomorrow in the RI Project AIDS Walk. Sponsor us and do something to help others, not to mention make my turning 44 a less sucky experience. *nudges you guys*
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