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how 'bout no longer being masochistic; how 'bout remembering your divinity

mr_t00by and I are going here on Monday. Yay!

We're just going to the rally. We canna afford the cocktail reception, alas.

*waves flag*

I'll also be at the RI Pridefest/Parade in Providence most of the day tomorrow. Anyone in the area interested in coming along, let me know. Not sure if mr_t00by will be going, as he is a social butterfly and cannot make plans in advance (unless of course, we have to buy tickets).

In other news, we saw Batman Begins. Very, very good. Much better than those not-so-great other Batman films. Question to all you Batman fans (as I am a virtual Batman n00b)--has Arkham Asylum always been a part of the comic series? Because Arkham as a location is a Lovecraftian creation.

ETA: Never mind. Wikipedia answered my question.
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