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Gods, I am so impressed.

...and hopeful. America needs a second party, and it looks like we might finally get it. *high-fives the DNC*

Pictures forthcoming, as soon as I get my lazy arse in gear and upload them. Oh, and mr_t00by got to shake Gov. Dean's hand, but alas, there were too many people around for me to get a clear shot at a picture.

We also paid a visit to Pandemonium and Tokyo Kid and ate sushi and shumai in Cambridge. mr_t00by also bought an anime scroll at Newbury Comics (from Evangelion, he proclaims, because I am anime-clueless). Well, actually, I bought it for him, as an early birthday present. He also now has a mass-market paperback version of Good Omens to read so he doesn't have to carry around my battered, beloved, signed-by-Neil-and-Terry trade paperback copy (and he prefers reading the mass-markets--go figure). I have a Campus Crusade for Cthulhu bumpersticker, a "Coed Naked Quidditch" button, and a brandy-new copy of Ian McLeod's The House of Storms.

Next time I go to Boston (which is often, and I definitely will be in Harvard Square again on 23 September, yay!), though, I'm taking the commuter rail from Providence. Driving back from Quincy Adams after a long day was icky.

Oh, and. Could someone tell me how to get to the Braintree T Station from points south? It's closer than Quincy Adams if I ever DO want to drive that far (or go on days when the Commuter rail doesn't run).

I'm going back to bed for a while, since I was up at five and am working this evening.
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