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Why, oh, why am I up so early? I have to work tonight and I'm still sick-ish. *coughs*

I'm going back to bed, but waking up this early wasn't a total loss, because I found this little gem:

Folk Underground - Folk Underground

Yes, that is Katherine Lanpher you hear at the end. Before she moved on to the Al Franken Show, she hosted a show for Minnesota Public Radio called Talking Volumes, which sounds like something I should listen to, because woah. A whole radio show about books! [/geek]

Okay, going back to bed because I'm making less and less sense as this post goes on (and on, and on).

I'll post some answers to the meme from hell in a day or so, or as soon as I stop coughing. *cries* I don't wanna go to work, Ma.
Tags: general rambling, song files
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