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they drove him out into the rain; some people even said that the boy from the country was insane

Okay. Enough of all this wibbling.

blondie1026 and her sister, Hannah, taken April of last year. I didn't take it, though.

mr_t00by on the bus to the Pride Festival this June.

Old stove outside my mother's house, taken sometime last Autumn. I wish it were bigger, because it's a really cool shot.

Barber's Pond, South Kingstown, RI, taken last Autumn.

Pumpkins at Schartner Farms, Exeter, RI. Taken same day as last picture.

And...a song!

John Denver - Boy From the Country. Lyrics are here.

This is the studio version--if anyone has the live version from the vinyl recording of An Evening With John Denver, I'd love a copy. The CD version left this song out because it didn't fit. Geh.
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