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can you hear me thru the dark night far away? I am dying, forever trying to be near you, who can say

There's an interesting (and sometimes incendiary) discussion going on over here on bookshop's LJ that she's given me permission to link to.

Some people on the thread are saying that accusing the US of being the part of the cause of a lot of the terrorism that we're supposedly fighting in Dubya's "War on Terror" is "blaming the rape victim for the rape". I disagree--it's not blaming the rape victim for the rape, it's blaming the evil Daddy who's been rubbing shoulders with the rapists, supporting them, and saying it's for the victim's own good.

Anyway, it's an interesting discussion, no matter your viewpoint. Go and see for yourself. *loves Aja to little tiny pieces*
Tags: politics, terrorism
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