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That alphabetise your icon characters and pair them meme

Tori Amos/Anti-Helena (MirrorMask)
Aziraphale/Vinnie Barbarino
Bono/Braces Girl from the "Beautiful" video
Jimmy Carter/Jake Chambers
Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton
Alice Cooper/Anthony Crowley
Cthulhu/Dark Queen (MirrorMask)
Howard Dean/Delenn
Roland Deschain/Carlton Fisk
Neil Gaiman/Hermione Granger
Arnold Horshack/Elton John
Helen Keller/Martin Luther King, Jr.
Stephen King/Mr. Kotter
Draco Malfoy/Ewan McGregor
Harvey Milk/Sinead O'Connor
Rosa Parks/Harry Potter
Rhett, my cat/mr_t00by
blondie1026/Pete Seeger
Cindy Sheehan/Me
Severus Snape/Swan Point Angel
Bernie Taupin/Rufus Wainwright
Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington/Ron Weasley
Curt Wild/Oscar Wilde
Nibbles Woodaway stands alone (although of course it's all about the Nibbles/Del's OTP. See icon.)
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