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I actually had eight hours of sleep last night. Woah. So I had this wonderful dream (no, not like THAT. I don't have those kind of dreams, for some reason).

Anyway, I dreamed I met this guy, we had lovely conversation at a little restaurant which was for some reason also his mother's kitchen, which had a lot of laundry hanging around. Apparently his mum was elderly and needed him to do her laundry for her. But it was a lovely conversation (something to do with Democrats who live life like Republicans, wtf?), there was delicious wine involved in pretty smoky-pink glasses (which are exactly like the ones my mother has--what's this about mothers?), and we both knew we should do this again.

Of course, this was all after the beginning of the dream where I apparently got sloshed (although I did not FEEL sloshed. I think it was an ADD metaphor) and stole a vacant bus and cracked it up. Nobody seemed to realise it was me, and I sauntered right past the cops into this dinner party where I met the aforementioned Wondeful Guy.

I have now decided that his name is Alan, and he is a doctor. Preferably a dermatologist, so I can have free plastic surgery. I just need a last name. Something Scots, I think. MacSomething.

Anyway, today i_am_a_hannah and I are off to Wheaton College so she can start her freshman year, yay! I think I may take the train back from Attleboro. :) We shall see.
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