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at first so strange to feel so friendly; to say 'good morning' and really mean it

It's raining for the first real rain in WEEKS. I guess this is the fringes of Katrina. And I have new (sort of) couches, thanks to blondie1026. Ow, my back hurts from moving them, and I sliced my toenail clean in half. But alles gut, new couches!

So, to give everyone's mood an optimistic boost, here's some music you forgot you knew, or maybe you didn't know, or maybe you weren't even born when it was around. Lovely, hopeful tunes from a time when hope didn't seem like such a lost cause, and people could (and DID) change the world.

The Mamas and the Papas - (Twelve Thirty) Young Girls are Coming to the Canyon (lyrics here).

The Kingston Trio - Charlie and the MTA
lyrics. Apologies, but I couldn't find a lyrics site that spelled "Scollay" right. Grr. At least this has a little history.

Oliver - Good Morning Starshine

Simon and Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy in New York

The Brothers Four - Angelique-O lyrics

Oh, this is fun! More later. Or tomorrow.
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