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for want of the price of tea and a slice, the old man died

This video is from Fox News. Hannity and Combs, to be precise. Go watch and then come back.

What that bit of truth (Truth! FROM FOX REPORTERS!!! MY WORLD IS IMPLODING!) says is basically this:

They're not letting them out. THEY'RE NOT LETTING THEM OUT. They're not letting the victims of Katrina and this insane, incompetent pseudorescue movement out of the city. They could walk over the bridge to lights, food and clean water, to life, and they're locking them in. Like the SOVIET UNION. Or East Berlin. Freaking CHECKPOINT CHARLIE. Just the kind of thing that America has always said they stand AGAINST. And Hannity and Combs, those fascist lying bastards, couldn't shut Geraldo and Shep Smith up, because there were no arguments to be made. The truth was staring them in the face, literally, out of the eyes of mothers and babies. Non-white mothers and babies, and don't even try to tell me that race and class aren't factors in all this.

George W. Bush has failed his people again. He could have fixed the Levee problem before the storm, YEARS before the storm. But he was so fixated on his illegal war in Iraq that the idea of thousands of people getting buried by water as New Orleans flooded didn't occur to him. Even though there had been a simulation that was so close to being what actually happened that it's spooky. Which is even worse, because that means that it actually MIGHT have occurred to him but he just didn't care.

Go read bookshop's LJ. Read dorrie6's and patchfire's. Especially read what patchfire's mum (who is a wonderful, lovely, classy lady, btw *g*) says about it all. She's right. And you know what? Kanye West just might be, too.

Also, willysunny, are you up for lunch tomorrow? I don't have your number anymore!

ETA: I have unlocked this entry, as I did not mean to lock it. I was wondering why nobody commented on all the pretty songs, and then I realised it was locked so only patchfire could read it. I blame LJ. Because I can. If you can't download the songs anymore, let me know and I'll resend!
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