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Bleh. The Globe and Mail really have a way with words. Or not.

The reporter writes that Brokeback Mountain won the highest award at the Venice Film Festival. Well, that's good. I'm really looking forward to seeing this, for several reasons, not the least of which is seeing how the wonderful Ang Lee treats the story. The fact that it won in Venice means that the film is probably quality (that and the whole Ang Lee thing--does he do bad films?).

So anyway, the article. It starts like this:

"Venice -- Ang Lee's tale of the homosexual love between two cowboys set in the conservative West of the 1960s won the Venice Film Festival's top award Saturday."

Um. Couldn't they leave out the word "homosexual" and still be completely descriptive? To me, "Cowboys" implies males, which means we KNOW it's a love story between men and therefore the word is completely superfluous.

It just sounds like the phrase "homosexual love" was used simply to imply that this kind of love is somehow different than, or even less than, heterosexual love. Maybe it's me reading stuff into things, but it bothered me anyway.

ETA: This is actually an AP article IN the Globe and Mail, so I'll transfer my irritation over to whoever writes those AP announcements.
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