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DT: come reap
Posted on 2005.17.09 at 15:54
How I feel about it all: amusedahahahaha
*is completely ded*.

Link from flimsy.


robinhoo at 2005-09-17 23:13 (UTC) ()

Why, when I watched He-Man as a child, did I never realize how utterly ghey he is? Purple tights and boots with pink tunic and a pageboy? GHEY. ROTFL!!

No, seriously. Who sat around in a conference room planning this cartoon and said, "He should wear pink and purple, because he'll be a stud"?
petulans at 2005-09-17 23:16 (UTC) ()
My brain feels violated!
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-09-18 11:25 (UTC) ()
I think that was the whole intent of the creators. :)
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