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GIP and a meme

...both courtesy of moonlight69

What is your favorite color?
Emerald and Forest Green. And Raspberry.

What color would you be, if such was what you must be?
Deep Blue

Are you Fire, Air, Water, or Earth?
Definitely Air and Water, even though I really want to be Fire and Earth.

Are you Mountains, Desert, Forest, or the Shore?
Forest, absolutely.

Are you Metal, Ceramic, Wood, or Leather?

Are you Radio, Theatre, Television, or Literature?
Literature. And Radio.

Are you Summer, Winter, Spring, or Autumn?
Summer-to-Autumn. That bittersweet end of Summer when you know it's almost done and that makes it all the more beautiful. (God, that sounds depressing, and I really didn't mean it to be)

Which Sense are you?
Hearing and Touch

Which Animal are you?
Dog. Loyal to a fault.

Which firework are you?
A sparkler

What kind of car are you?
VW Bus.

How does you as a song sound like?
Probably like Enya.

What manner of storm would you like to be in?
A brisk windstorm, without rain. The kind that whips up the dead leaves and leaves you breathless.

What flavor of ice cream do you taste like?

Bonus round:

Name a thing of value:

Name a thing lost, and never found again:

Name a thing held close:

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