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Taking God into our own hands...

Two of my closest friend's children are in the Middle East now. One is Army infantry. I've known him since he was eight years old, and his sister since she was four. They're as much family as my own sister's kids.

Two of my own kids, and two of my sister's, are of draft age. If/when the draft is instituted, they'll come for the women as well as the men. And being in college won't help this time.

I support the troops. I do it by protesting this travesty of a war. Those kids should be here, going to the beach and having fun and falling in love, not over there preparing to kill or to die. They should be eating hot fudge sundaes, not desert sand and fear.

Of course I support the troops. I want them to come home.

It's for them, and for the innocents in all countries that

I wish for peace

and also is why I will be putting lights</i> in my windows.
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