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DT: come reap
Posted on 2005.02.10 at 18:24
How I feel about it all: tiredtired
Soundtrack: Postgame celebration, whee!
Serenity = Very Good. Although I really do need to see more than two episodes of Firefly.

Mirrormask = Surreal and gorgeous and I want to see it again, but I'll most likely have to wait for the DVD because I can't just go moseying up to Boston on a whim and it's only there for what, a week? Oh, and Dave McKean? So much with the yes. I just knew that this one would be Dave's baby. Think Labyrinth meets Yellow Submarine meets Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings. A feast for the eyes. And yay for the Jim Henson Co. still having it, and for Neil pulling back and letting Dave's visuals take front row centre.

The Red Sox = 162 games to get into the bloody playoffs. But they're in and all is good. <3<3<3Manny<3<3<3.

Me = Very, very, very tired after wandering around Boston/taking the train and stuff yesterday.


peacey at 2005-10-02 23:31 (UTC) ()
Serenity = *loves* Oh my, oh my, what a shiny tale. An elixir for the soul for one who has championed "Firefly" from day uno. The writing, the story, the effects, the amazing chemistry between the actors *and* the characters all are simply unequalled in anything else on screen these days, small or big. Am loving my Jayne and Mal and am thinking that Kaylee is me. :) I shall be seeing again and again and again and again and again......
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-10-02 23:39 (UTC) ()
You should see Mirrormask, too, if you can. It's a visual smorgasbord.

I like Firefly, from the little I've seen of it, and I liked Serenity a lot. Jayne isn't my favourite character, but he's growing on me (I really think it's his looks--that type does nothing for me). I'll watch the rest of the series and then see the film again (most likely on DVD, because it'll take a while to watch the series).
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