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we're on first, unrehearsed, and we still don't know what we've done, so we don't say anything

This is good news for me and cool for all of us MBTA fans!

The bad news is, so far I can't get this Saturday and Sunday off. Because my workplace has its collective head up its arse when it comes to scheduling. So it's very possible I'll only be able to go for two days of TWH, which sucks.

But yeah, the T.F. Green Commuter Rail stop. Good news.

And also, here's a trailer for The 1980 Feel-Good Film of the Year.

Oh, and. If anyone has the entire mp3 of my Current Music, can I have it? I only have half of the song I got from some sample on the Net.

Please? Because it's a bloody beautiful song.

ETA: Changed trailer link because I AM A t00b.
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