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the only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man

Greetings from beautiful Danvers, MA (where our hotel is!). I'm in the bar listening to Queen! phoenixw and ishafel are here.

It's raining, therefore I am naming this weekend Fandom Woodstock. Fun is being had by all.

I miss patchfire (I have called her. She was not there. And have bought her birthday present, yay!). And moonlight69. And bookshop. And many others. But lots of lovely people are here, and I am warm and have wine. Alles gut, for the most part.

Whee, now it's Dusty Springfield!!!!

Next week I shall go foliage peeping with mr_t00by.

I am trying to forget, well. You know. That baseball thing. *weeps inside, just a little*

Oh. And apparently I am well known in fandom for my default icon. Me daughter is a lovely thing, is she not? And she's twenty-three these days. *loves*

primroseburrows, signing out.

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