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number on the gate, the number on the door; the next house over is the grocery store.


It's not a Sox win, but it's something.

Also, it makes me happy, to discover that at a wharf in Salem, in drydock for the winter, sits a little boat called Mandolin Wind. I'm charmed by this far more than I should be. I should have taken a picture, but alas, I was in a bumpy bus at the time.

I was going to make a big post about TWH, but I think I shall just say that I had a fantastic time, met some new and wonderful people, and connected with old friends. Oh, and danced until my feet were sore. And named a particularly disgusting alcoholic beverage. And sang on a bus. And had an actual conversation with Charles de Lint, also on a bus (a double decker this time!). And bought some yarn. And got wet. And wrote a little. And a bunch of other fun stuff. Oh, yes, I'm almost definitely going to Lumos.

In other exciting news, I have no heat, and must call landlord about same. And I go back to work in the morning, oh joy.
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