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... and the women down in Atlanta, they make me awfully glad it's only hit and run

It's raining, what a surprise. The commute yesterday actually scared me. Especially on the way home after working sixteen looong hours.

But whee! It's my patchfire's birthday! Everyone give her birthday glompage. But gently-- she's so very old now and all. The Rheumatiz' prob'ly be settin' in any day now. [/Granny Clampett]

Happy birthday, dear one. *hugs* I have your present. Will haul arse to the post office sometime today. It's supposed to stop raining. I hope.

I also made you an icon! Took me three minutes a long time to get it right. *loves and loves*

It's my darling first nephew's 27th (songdog's first ickle boo!), as well, but woe. He has no LJ and will not read this. But yay for two birthdays for the price of one! And, OMG nahkasiipi! That makes three!

*sigh* I love the sound of Little Feat in the morning...*dances the morning away*

P.S. I have also added a new item to my LJ interests. Nibbles/Big Chicken OTPOMG!!11111!!!sixandahalf!!!.
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