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a long time ago I was a young man, and dear Margaret remembers that for me

Tonight I went to eat (in a borrowed car) at Ward's Publick House, a little Irish pub a couple of miles from my house. Little did I expect that they had a traditional music session, which I found happens every Sunday evening. So I sat and read my book and ate stuffies and onion soup and listened to the fiddle and guitar and whistle and it was grand.

One song they played was The Dutchman, which took me by surprise, because I basically cry every time I hear it. Moreso now, I think, since I've worked up close and personal with people who have Alzheimer's disease. Because that's what this song is about, as far as I'm concerned; a man with Alzheimer's and his wife who loves him and cares for him and remembers for him. I first heard it in 1980. I've loved it ever since, but for some reason I forget it until it hits me in the gut (in a good way) and it all comes back.

Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy - The Dutchman


Oh, and I also had a good time in Boston. mr_t00by loved MirrorMask, and I think his friend who was with him did as well.
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