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DT: come reap

Not gonna cut this. *bakes cake, lights candles*

Posted on 2003.31.03 at 11:26
How I feel about it all: cheerfulcheerful
Soundtrack: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - El Tango de Roxanne
It's Ewan's birthday!


I've crushed on, lusted after, greatly admired and just genuinely respected this guy for five years. The lust and crush-y-ness waxes and wanes, but the respect never does.

Here's a guy with an active brain, a small ego, tons of integrity, a huge talent and a bundle of energy, who loves his family and is not afraid to speak out on issues that haven't always made him best friend with the people in the business (not to mention that he's quite pleasing to the eye). Here's a quote from himself:

"I don't care about Oscars. It's such self-aggrandizing nonsense. It's a way to manipulate people into believing that their choices are what's good. It's rubbish. They're looking after themselves. I'll be fucking deliriously happy if I ever get one, by the way. I'll go up there and cry and everything. But I don't value them, because I don't have one yet."


Many happy returns, Mr. McGregor. Thank you for being who you are. Don't ever change. Well, except to stop smoking.

Oh, and the picture is from Ewanspotting. I don't know the original source of the quote.


just dance
karabou at 2003-03-31 09:05 (UTC) ()
We loves us some Ewan.. yes, precious...
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2003-03-31 09:10 (UTC) ()
Isn't he just the best? He's my very, very, all time favourite. Others may come and go, but Ewan has carved himself a niche.
pingviini at 2003-03-31 10:19 (UTC) ()
*pant* Gorgeous. *pant*
Non-Recovering WoW Addict
heinous_bitca at 2003-03-31 10:24 (UTC) ()
*pets Ewan*

He is just so pettable.

Happy Birthday, you hunk'o'man-flesh!
Whore Among Nuns
silver_rising at 2003-03-31 16:59 (UTC) ()
Oh dear. He is absolutely gorgeous.
way2 at 2003-03-31 18:53 (UTC) ()

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