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but these cuts I have, oh, they need love to help them heal

Yes, I've been ignoring LJ. I'm sick, I'm tired, I'm a little depressed, and I had to pay a hundred bucks for new locks on my car, and this time I can't even blame ADD. My keys literally fell out of my coat pocket and into neverland. Unfortunately, the keys to the flat and the keys to work were on the ring, so bleh.

I have to work tomorrow, and I hab a code.

Oh, in other, better news, while I was hanging out not reading LJ all this time, the Marauders ate my brain. Two of them, leastwise. I've read more R/S fic than I ever have.

So. Make Primrose feel better. Rec me the best, the complete best Remus/Sirius fic you've ever read, in liek, all time. Extra points if it's novel-length and/or not sad. Especially not sad. Really, extra exra points if it's novel-length. Long!Fics R SO Cool.

Oh, and I do plan to give everyone songs who asked. I'm just slow and lazy right now.

P.S. Current music is SO R/S, no?
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