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DT: come reap

defenders of marriage, defending the institution against people who want to get married

Posted on 2005.14.11 at 21:24


try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-11-11 21:53 (UTC) ()
It's political satire, which is different with what Bono is trying to do with his music. Tom Lehrer did the same thing, as does John McCutcheon. It's not meant to be hearts and flowers; satire never is.

That we do so peacefully and respectfully is essential and it would seem that anyone with honor would do all they can to propagate TOLERANCE.

I have no tolerance for worldviews/laws/opinions that uphold prejudice and stomp on civil rights, Right OR Left (and IIRC it was Bill Clinton who signed the Defense of Marriage Act, which I have a hard time forgiving him for, however much I loved his Presidency), so if someone wants to satirise what I feel is an evil law, I say go for it. Because, really, if someone was running around spouting Hitler's views, we'd hardly do best to be tolerant of it.

I'm still not sure if this guy's the next Tom Lehrer, though. Nobody sang it like the Professor. *loves* Mark Russell comes close, though (and I adore him!). He's very Lehrer-esque.

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