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DT: come reap

Well, I saw this one coming....

Posted on 2005.16.11 at 11:33
How I feel about it all: busybusy
Soundtrack: Springer on the Radio
You're a Ravenpuff!: You are a very analytical and
ingenius person, someone that likes to invent
new things. The way you look at life is with
wonder, and sometimes you're even a little
naive. But people love you for that trait and
they feel the need to protect you from the
harsh facts of life so that you can retain your
innocence. You are very capable person and when
there is trouble people turn to you because
you're able to stay calm and collected. You
like balance in your life and you try not to
make many waves. Even still, if there is
something that you believe strongly in, you
will commit yourself totally to that cause.
Your weakness is that sometimes you can be
indecisive and perfectionist, especially about
little details and you drive people crazy
sometimes with these traits. With the
innocence of a Hufflepuff and the calm of a
Ravenclaw you will be loved in life!

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?
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Now, back to cleaning.


naadi at 2005-11-16 17:06 (UTC) ()
lol - I got the same thing. ^.^
robinhoo at 2005-11-16 18:14 (UTC) ()
Y'know, I totally saw this coming. I was kinda hoping for a little Gryffindor action, but instead, and quite aptly:

You're a Slytherpuff!: This is a rare combination but those that are true Slytherpuffs are not people you want to make your enemy. You take loyalty very seriously and if someone gives you their word you expect them to keep it. You either project a cold exterior and have a heart of gold inside or you seem all cuddly and nice on the outside and you are ruthless on the inside. People frequently underestimate you but this usually suits your purpose. Whoever has your loyalty is a very lucky person because you will fight tooth and nail to protect them. You have a protective streak and you like to champion the underdog. In life, experience has taught you that it's better not to be too idealistic or expect to much of other people. Still, deep inside you, you still have hope that everything will always turn out for the best. Your weakness is that sometimes you trust blindly, follow without question and this can lead you into trouble. With the loyalty of a Hufflepuff and the ruthlessness of a Slytherin you are a formidable person!
phoenixw at 2005-11-16 19:57 (UTC) ()
Hah! I got this one too. :-D

BTW, did you happen to get the song I sent you? I thought you'd enjoy it, being pro-labor and all.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2005-11-16 20:19 (UTC) ()
No! I saw the link at work and couldn't DL it, and then this morning my internet went FUBAR for a while. I love it, though. I've never heard this one, and I love Richard Thompson.
meggitymeg at 2005-11-17 01:13 (UTC) ()
Yeah, me too. But I've been saying that for a while now anyway...
topaz7 at 2005-11-17 01:17 (UTC) ()
Bah. Slytherpuff.

*Slinks off*
One damn minute, Admiral.
trempnvt at 2005-11-17 14:25 (UTC) ()
You're a Slytherclaw!: By nature you are rational
and a realist. Some people may call you cynical
and elitist but this doesn't matter to you. You
don't depend on other people's opinions to
determine how you live your life. You are
generally cautious and prefer to weigh the
consequences before you act. In conflicts you
prefer to remain neutral and aloof. You value
intelligence and you are a natural diplomat,
you can convince people to do what you want
them to do. Your weakness is that you sometimes
think more with your head than with your heart
and it leads to isolation. With the
intelligence of a Ravenclaw and the subtlety of
a Slytherin you will be sure to achieve all
your goals!

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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