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DT: come reap

The end has come and found us here with our toys scattered all around us here

Posted on 2005.30.11 at 19:20
How I feel about it all: curiouscurious
Soundtrack: Glen Campbell - Where's the Playground, Susie?
This is a very interesting article. It's not really an abortion rights discussion, as much as a differently-abled rights discussion. Or maybe it's both. I don't think it's pro- or con- abortion in general, though. What it is NOT is a rant. No ranting here, d00ds. I'm just curious.

I think the subject resonates for me because after all this time of thinking I was just an odd-person-out sort of 'normal', I find um, yeah. I actually do have a learning difference (I hesitate to say disability, because I think ADHD gives as much as it takes, if not more). And I really, really like being alive, and I think I've actually done some good in the world, and all. Not to mention that my closest friend growing up was pretty severely disabled.

So, what d'y'all think about the article?

Also, GIP! Thanks to my geek!child croosa.

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