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It's just a wish -- a dream, I'm told, from days when I was young

It's time for my Official Sappy Holiday Post! Mush ahead, and I'm a little wibbly tonight, so beware. :)

I didn't get to send cards to anyway near as many of you as I'd have liked--RL is a cruel mistress a lot of the time. But! I do wish y'all the happiest of holidays, whatever you celebrate around this time (me, I'm up for celebrating ALL of them! *g*).

For all of you having family and friends together tomorrow, I hope you have time to stop and look around at all those annoying, infuriating, and very much loved faces you see and thank whatever gods (or fate or DNA or chance or whatever) that you're all there together. It's those worrisome, aggravating, crazymaking, simply beautiful loved ones who will be there when everyone else leaves you. A light that never goes out, yes. It's a good thing to remember when you're fighting about who got the last drumstick last year. Because it doesn't matter, really, does it?

I have to work tomorrow (7 am, what am I doing up?!), but I wanted to especially wish a Happy Yuletide to my nearest and dearest, whether they live in my house, two miles up the road, in the next state, or 1083.18 miles away (or OMG even farther!).

I wish I could give a present to every one of you (I should win Powerball, d00ds, not those selfish people who buy yachts and islands and stuff. I'd hook y'all up, yes I would). Alas, I can't. But I can send you music!

Here are just two of the myriad of Christmas songs I grew up with. I hope you like them. You can picture ickle Primrose by the (fake) Christmas Tree 'way back in in oh, about 1973. *reminisces*

David Seville and the Chipmunks - The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)

Jim Reeves - The Merry Christmas Polka

I was a little older for this one, but still a kid. *g* When I got older I used to sing it to my kids at bedtime. I still do sing it for them, in my heart. And I really, really, really wish I could be with them tomorrow. And my mom. And songdog, et. al. Work suxx, yes it does.

John Denver - A Baby Just Like You

Happy Yuletide to all, and to all a Goodnight. *hugs*
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