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DT: come reap

It's so easy in the cold to feel the darkness of the year

Posted on 2005.29.12 at 11:12
How I feel about it all: lazylazy
Soundtrack: Gordon Bok - Turning Toward the Morning
From deafscribe:

Above the Law?

Please print out and pass around, if you're so inclined. Or just pimp on your LJ/MySpace/Facebook/Yadda.

Oh, and! I haven't mentioned yet that my wonderful, thoughtful family bought (among other things) one of these. In black.

The inscription on the back? DON'T PANIC.

I love me my fambly.

Also, here are a couple of songs I'm minorly obsessing on:

Greg Brown - Who Would Have Thunk it

Gordon Bok - Turning Toward the Morning. This last one breaks me. Just. Breaks me.

Okay, now I need to do stuff, 'cause it's my only day off until Monday.

42, all.

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