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and the dead sand falling on the children; the mothers and the fathers and the automatic earth

I've decided to get my hair cut--a big step for me. I have no idea what I'm going to DO with this ragmop that is my lot to sport, but it's probably going to be something pretty drastic. I SAY I won't cut it short, that short hair doesn't suit my face, but who knows? I may even change the colour (although some shade of red is a requirement, of course). So I'm browsing some haircut sites, and am asking i_am_a_hannah and her sister for Advice. Also patchfire, and songdog, when I see her tomorrow. (ETA: And of course, my lovely future DIL, tapped_trish, who I just got in touch with. *g*).

So I also ask you guys the same thing. If you've met me, you know what I look like. If not, I'm 5'3 and 3/4", hovering between (*sigh* I might as well admit it, :/) 165 and 170 lbs, grey eyes, auburny-red hair which is basically frizzy when it rains, is passable for a day or so after I gel it post-shower, and generally not looking too good anymore. Oh, and I'm 44 years old, and would like a cut that might make me look even a little less than that. I'd also like something that's low-maintenance, because I will not ever keep up a high-level-of-care style.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Pictures of actual haircuts with the comments are a plus.

Oh, and!

While I was (and still am) browsing haircut sites, I came upon this gem, which coincidentally combines haircut advice with may recently rekindled X-Files love (which is a wonderful thing and for which I happily and enthusiastically blame peacey): The Cosmetological History of Agent Dana Scully, MD, FBI. Yes, "Cosmetological" is a word. I Googled, it Sirius.
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