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A while ago, patchfire linked me to this post on the Mothering Dot Commune forums.

The outcome of the situation is here on post #159. How sad and pointless this decision was.

This incident is just--oh, I don't know. Not right, on so very many levels, one important one being that the accuracy of this Gender Mentor Monitor is very much in question, and in a lot of ways sounds like so much snake oil.

It's really got me thinking about the politics and bioethics of sex-selection abortions, partly because the mother chose to abort because he was a boy, rather than a girl, which is more common and is often perceived as a feminist issue.

Caveat: This post is NOT a statement about Roe v. Wade, or circumcision as a practice at all. It's about a very specific incident, and the ethics thereof. After all, just because someone has a legal right to do a thing doesn't make it ethical to do it.

patchfire has also posted about this. You can read it here.

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