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Last night I was seriously Not Feeling Well. Dizziness, nausea, pain in right side under ribs...sounded just like something gallbladder related to me (and to patchfire), who's Been There, Done That. So, i_am_a_hannah and I trudged off to the ER in the rain. Three or so hours, two X-rays, one urine sample, and a vial of blood later, they say, "oh, we don't know what is, we couldn't find anything". So I have an order for Pepcid, which is silly because there's nothing wrong with my stomach (they say it could be an ulcer, though, so I'll take the bloody stuff), and an order for an ultrasound (which I'll also do because I've had this right-sided thing for a while and want to make completely sure it's NOT gallbladder).

The funny thing is, I was almost disappointed. Because if it had been the gallbladder thing, I could have had some time off work while I had surgery and got better. Why, yes, I am stressed out, thanks for asking. :/ I AM missing a day of work because of all of this, but that's not good because I've no sick time currently and had to use holiday time. Bleh.

The good thing is that my i_am_a_hannah is (tied for) the loveliest, most caring daughter in the world. She can look at all this as practice for when I'm old and chronically ill and she's always schlepping me to the doc from the Old Folks' Home.
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